Technical soulutions and inspections of varying difficulty on wind turbines


About us:

Espeland Energi AS is owned from May 2021 by Caera AS, a nationwide supplier of professionals in electrical and mechanical engineering to the onshore and offshore industries. Caera sees great opportunities for business development of operation and maintenance services within both onshore and offshore wind, and will build on the solid foundation that Espeland Energi AS has established in Egersund.

About Caera AS
Caera was started in 2014 and is a leading competence supplier within electrical and mechanical subjects to the industry. The company currently has over 260 employees. The ambition is to use our experience from the oil and gas industry to create the jobs of the future on land and at sea for renewable energy and sustainable industrial development.
Espeland Energi AS was established in 2017. In May 2021, Espeland Gruppen AS, Tommy & Di AS and Mobi Consulting AS - Espeland Energi sold to Caera AS and now sit as shareholders in Caera AS together with the investment company Artemes Invest and the management of Caera.

Espeland Energi AS is situated in Egersund, in the hearth of the wind business in South-West Norway. We are providing maintenance, inspection, and installation services for the wind industry, both on- and offshore. Our goal is to provide wind farms with high quality maintenance work, this is to ensure that the wind turbines are functioning at highest capacity throughout their life span.

Our technicians are versatile and capable of doing other maintenance and construction work that is not directly related to just wind turbine repairs. Meaning we can put them to other operations if the weather is not good enough for maintenance and repair of wind turbines. This way, our customers can reduce waiting fees.

Using a local, regional or national provider, means also more flexibility and short time action. Our interest is to provide excellent and quality-assured maintenance work so that the wind farms in Norway can produce as much energy as possible in given conditions.

We in Espeland Energi AS is a sub-company of Espeland Gruppen AS; and can, therefore, offer more services if needed. It allows us to make several repairs and quality assurances related to wind farms without the need for a third party to work on this.






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